Cosmos vol. 30

Cosmos 30,  2014.

Published in Edinburgh for the Traditional Cosmology Society. Edited by Mirjam Mencej and Karen Bek-Pederson. Design and typesetting by Eve Scott.

Table of Contents

Ogmios and the Eternal Word
John Carey, 1–36

The ‘Order, Chaos, Order.’ Theoretical Approach to Reconstructing the Mythology of a Remote Past
Emily Lyle, 37–48

The Sleeping-Beauty Motif in a Singular Romanian Ritual Song
Adrian Poruciuc, 49–64

Folk Belief and the Lutheran Church in Nineteenth-Century Finland
Kaarina Koski, 65–92

Cosmological Aspects of Traditional Games
Laurent Sébastien Fournier, 93–108

Squaring the Circle: an Anthropological Interpretation of Chitimacha Indian Weaving Traditions
Max Carocci, 109–144

Ritual Dance among Western Slavs in Early Middle Ages
Kamil Kajkowski, 145–167

The Ancient Sky Map of the Macedonian People
Gjore Cenev, 167–192

Reviews, 193–205

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