The Journal of The Traditional Cosmology Society

Cosmos is the peer-reviewed journal of The Traditional Cosmology Society and is published annually in Edinburgh. It is concerned with exploring myth, religion and cosmology across cultural and disciplinary boundaries and with increasing understanding of world views in the past and present. We welcome all academic papers that contribute to our better knowledge about folk beliefs and legends, folktales, myths, rituals, music, art and crafts etc. from all over the world, and our better understanding of their underlying symbolic meanings, applying any method, from comparative, structural researches to the presentations of the fieldwork research discoveries and so on. Papers are invited from all disciplines including, but not limited to ethnology, anthropology, folklore studies, history, art history, archaeology, philology, literature, theology, medicine, psychology, musicology etc. While papers on any part of the world’s mythological issues are welcomed, we would especially like to encourage authors dealing with European mythology and worldview to submit their papers.

Advisory Board

Alan Barnard (UK), Glenys Davies (UK), A. W. E. Dolby (UK), Máire Herbert (Ireland),  J. Gordon Howie (UK), Alice Beck Kehoe (USA), Aude Le Borgne (UK), G. E. R. Lloyd (UK), Emily Lyle (UK),  Mirjam Mencej (Slovenia) Jeffrey B. Meyer (USA), Irina Sedakova (Russia),  John Shaw (UK), Francisco Vaz da Silva (Portugal), Nicolas Wyatt (UK), Mare Koĩva (Estonia), Éva Pócs (Hungary).