Welcome to the website of The Traditional Cosmology Society. The Society is concerned with exploring myth, religion and cosmology across cultural and disciplinary boundaries and with increasing understanding of world views in the past and present. We are based in the department of Celtic and Scottish Studies of Edinburgh University. We hold meetings throughout the year, along with day conferences and an annual conference.Cosmos: The Journal of the Traditional Cosmology Society is published annually, in Edinburgh. 

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Forthcoming Talk


The Astrological Worldview’

Dr Jane Ridder-Patrick

Thursday 3 December 2015
Main Lecture Theatre, Edinburgh College of Art (Old Building)

Start time: 5.00pm



Astrology – the astronomical_clockcorrelation of events and movements in the heavens with events and qualities on earth – has been practised by every major civilisation since time immemorial and despite being banished from Western mainstream culture in the late seventeenth century it still flourishes today, albeit as a marginalised practice. This talk will investigate the secret of astrology’s tenacity and explore the astrological worldview, demonstrating how it has been used over the years and some of its present day applications.