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Notes for Contributors, Reviewers and Publishers

Contributors wishing to submit a manuscript for consideration ought to contact the Editor, Dr Louise S. Milne, at The articles will be sent out to readers for peer review. Authors of published articles receive a printed copy of the journal issue and as well as access to the digital version.

Publishers are invited to send books relevant to the interests of this journal to the Editor: initial communication may be made at Likewise, those wishing to suggest potential reviews may send their proposals to the same email address.

Unless otherwise agreed with the Editor, manuscripts should approximate 30,000 to 45,000 characters or 4000 to 7000 words, including endnotes and bibliography. Please add an abstract (1000-1500 characters), keywords (5-10) and a brief biographical note (your name and surname, institutional affiliation, and a contact address (optional). Reviews should ordinarily be around 800-1000 words unless otherwise arranged with the review editor.

Papers are accepted in any word-processing format such as MS Word or LibreOffice. Only texts containing specific letters, not common in Times New Roman (letters or words in Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic etc.), should be accompanied by a hard copy or scan of the manuscript.

Please send us a text proof-edited by a native English speaker as the editor will have limited resources for proof-reading. Spelling and punctuation should follow British English conventions.

Please remove all styling and formatting except italics. Paragraphs should be separated by a single return, no hard tabs should be included. Any additional formatting required can be indicated in-text, e.g. <quote>. Upon request, examples of properly formatted manuscript can be provided.

Regarding illustrations, it is the responsibility of the individual author to ensure that they have permission to use the relevant material.

The Chicago author-date style, with in-text citations and an alphabetically ordered list of references at the end, should be employed. The references should be set out as in the following examples. For more sample citations and specific cases, please refer to the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, section 14.

Journal articles:

Dillon, Myles. 1947. “The Archaism of Irish Tradition.” Proceedings of the British Academy 33 (2):245-64.

Articles or chapters in edited volumes:

MacCana, Proinsias. 1995. “Mythology and the Oral Tradition: Ireland.” In The Celtic World, edited by Miranda Jane Green, 779-84. London: Routledge.

Edited books:

Needham, Rodney, ed. 1973. Right & Left: Essays on Dual Symbolic Classification. Chicago and London: Chicago University Press.

Books by one author:

Turner, Victor. 1967. The Forest of Symbols: Aspects of Ndembu Ritual. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

Books by more authors:

McNeill, John T. and Helena M. Gamer. 1990. Medieval Handbooks of Penance: a translation of the principal “libri poenitentialis” and selections from related documents. New York: Columbia University Press.

Internet sources:

McDonald’s Corporation. 2008. “McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Safety Facts.” Accessed July 19.

Primary sources (refer to standard verses/chapters/books etc):

Ovid, Amores 1.7.27.
Metaphysics 3.2.996b5–8; Plato, Republic 360e–361b.