Forthcoming Lecture by Emily Lyle

‘Purifying the kingship: the first six reigns in the Shahnameh in the light of Indo-European comparative modelling’

Emily Lyle

Wednesday February 1, 2017
G.02, 19 George Square (Middle Eastern Studies)

17.30-19.00 (17.45-18.45 then questions)


Forthcoming Lecture by Jan Kozak


Jan Kozak
‘The Sound of Creation: The Parallels between Old Norse Cosmogony and Eschatology’

The Meadows Lecture Theatre (School of Classics)
Jan 18 2017 16.00-18.00 (16.30-17.30 then questions)

Forthcoming Meetings

Please note that all meetings  will be held in the conference room, Celtic and Scottish Studies, 27 George Square, Edinburgh.  All welcome.

Monday, 10 February
Time: 7 pm
Speaker: Antonella Sciancalepore
‘Traces of animal transformations of the hero in medieval literature’


Tuesday, 4 March
Time: 7 pm
Speaker: Casey High
‘Cosmological perspectivism and the dangers of shamanism in Amazonia’


Saturday, 12 April
Day conference on ‘Ghosts’ from 10 am to 5 pm.
Conference fee for TCS members £1; others £2.
Students free.
Opening speaker: Professor Mirjam Mencej, Royal Society of Edinburgh Exchange Fellow from Slovenia. The Annual General Meeting of the Traditional Cosmology Society will take place at 12.30 pm. 


Thursday, 24 April
Time: 7pm
Speaker: Terry Gunnell
‘Current thinking about the Vanir in Old Norse mythology’