Day: August 19, 2021

14th Annual Conference of the International Association for Comparative Mythology

A message from TCS President Louise Milne, concerning the upcoming Annual Conference of the International Association for Comparative Mythology, which this year will take place online, August 23rd to August 27th.

Full details here.

Dear Members and Friends!

I am writing to tell you about the 14th Annual Conference on Comparative Mythology, titled Death and Migration in World Mythology, which will be held online via Zoom from August 23-27. It will be an excellent conference full of interesting and stimulating ideas.

The International Association for Comparative Mythology is the sister organisation of the Traditional Cosmology Society and both I, as current President, and Emily Lyle, as President Emeritus of the TCS, will be presenting papers at this conference. Additionally, among the people giving papers are also those who have presented at TCS events in the past. Please see the program for dates and times.

To participate as an audience member, ask questions, and contribute to the discussion, please register using this form.

The conference fee is $10 for participants from US, Canada, Australia, EU, EEA, Switzerland, Israel, and Northeast Asia; $5 for students and participants from all other regions.

If  you cannot pay the conference fee online or are unable to pay due to financial hardship and still want to participate in the conference, please write to this address:

Please note that a Zoom link to the conference sessions will only be sent to those who register.