Forthcoming lecture

Please note that the date has changed for the lecture by Jelka Vince

Jelka Vince, Ivo Pilar Institute. Czech Republic 
The Proto-Slavic Pre-Christian Ritual Scenario of a Međimurje  Wedding as an Imitation of the Divine Wedding

Tuesday 5th December.
Room G.02, 19 George Sq


Fruitfulness and fertility are widely represented symbolically in wedding traditions. The objective of this paper is to examine a wedding comedy from the Međimurje folklore titled “Baba Went Mushroom Picking” from a angle, which is to say as a document of a nonliterate culture, a source and path to the fragmentary reconstruction of former religious systems. Specifically, the paper hopes to reconstruct the vestiges of a Proto-Slavic ritual scenario, on the basis of which the Međimurje wedding could be connected with divine weddings as paradigmatic models for all weddings. The paper also raises the crucial question of whether this performative form also provides insight into pre-Christian wedding traditions, and into the ritual wedding scenario as a repetition of the sacred divine wedding.




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